About Nancy

Growing up in a small town in PA, I struggled with my identity. With English as my second language, it was challenging to express all the life changes I encountered as a child and member of an immigrant family from Seoul, Korea. In school, physical education and art were my favorite subjects and a welcomed escape from having to speak or write in other classes.

Expressing myself through art, all forms and mediums, gave me confidence and self-worth. As a mother, I would paint on the kitchen island, in the open-space-times of raising my daughters. During the life change of a divorce and a new home with a blank canvas of walls, I rediscovered my identity and passion for painting.

I have filled those vacant spaces with color, inspiration and courage. Now is the time to seek out a life-long dream and share my passion, my growth, my life ... my art. -- Nancy Chong

A self-taught artist, Nancy resides in Arizona focusing on contemporary, abstract acrylic paintings.